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Munich’s Oktoberfest

€65 a night

Camping accommodation and Munich’s best parties
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The world's biggest beers means the world's loosest party

For sure you’ve heard of Oktoberfest – the original, biggest and best beer fest. For three whole weeks, Munich, Germany, turns into a Disneyland for pissheads with beer tents that welcome 10s of 1000s of legends to drink endless litres of beer, devour hearty bavarian delicacies and belt iconic singalongs that’ll have the masses dancing atop the beer hall table benches! To top it all off, outside the beer tents you’ll find a funpark filled with pretty hectic rides that look designed to make you throw up. All in all, pretty much the most fun that you can have as an adult wearing leather pants.

Wild Campsite Parties

With Bread Gang DJs and bands

Twin-Share Camping

Upgrade to Comfort-Plus

Brunch Included

With bottomless mimosas

Open & Unlimited Bar

€15/day for all-you-can-drink beer & sangria

The Best Crew

Stay and play with 1000s of fellow travellers

And All The Rest

Beer bongs, Wheel of Misfortune, general carrying on

Welcome to Stoketoberfest

Stoke Travel’s Oktoberfest campsite is the thing of legend. By far the biggest group of travellers and pissheads in Europe, with 1000s of young people staying and partying there on any given night. 

Here you’ll find your twin-share tent set up, brunch provided every morning, and as Bread Gang’s guest, you’ll get their bottomless beer and sangria bar for free!

This is the perfect place to party before and after the beer halls with beerbongs, shoeys, and a dancefloor thats pumping full of tuneage from our international DJs and live bands.

This is where your wildest dreams can come true – but you’ll be so shitfaced that you’ll never remember it.

Here's what we'll do...

Turn up and get turnt

You can arrive at any time today to the Stoketoberfest campsite. Check in, laugh at how shit your tent is, and then head straight to the open beer and sangria bar. Check out who’s about, get on the tune, hit the dancefloor and try and save yourself for tomorrow…

Beer Halls open

You’re going to wake up at a reasonable hour and shit, shower and shave (at least one of the three). Then it’s onto the public bus and into the beer halls, where we wait until midday for the keg to be tapped, at which point all hell breaks loose and we have the best time ever.

Round Two

The beer halls serve beers before midday for the rest of the festival, so let’s get in there early and get a table right where the bands play. Today’s for dancing on the benches, flirting with the wenches and just generally having the perfect beer fest experience. Maybe hit some rides if we’re feeling frisky.

Maybe see some sights

You’d think that sightseeing is for cowards, but you’d be a deadset peanut to visit Munich and not have a wander around. We reckon the highlights are the standing wave in the city centre, and the fact that the whole city is basically one big beer garden. Also, why not hit the beer halls one more time. Mondays are always less crowded, which means more piss for us.


The daily Stoketoberfest schedule goes something like…

08:00 am-11:00 pm: open bar is open
08:00-10:00 am: brunch with mimosas
5:00-11:00 pm: party with DJs and bands
11:00 pm – whenever: after party in the front bar

Oktoberfest is the world's wildest party

Which is no surprise considering that it’s all based around beer drinking. BUT it’s also deeply traditional and stacked with history, so you can kind of write the trip off as a cultural experience. 

For example, the festival goes back to the 1800s and originally celebrated a royal wedding, but the tradition of chucking on the lederhosen (guys) and dirndl (gals) goes back way further in Bavaria, this part of Germany. 

A litre of beer will set you back around €15 with tip, but you’ll only need a few of them to get rowdy. Dancing on benches is encouraged, but be warned that if you put a foot on the table you’ll have to down your drink. We often do that on purpose. 

And you’ll be partying with people from all over the world, but mostly locals, who will be stoked to show you the ropes, smash a prost (cheers) with you, and let you dance on their bench with them. 

Seriously, it’s the most fun you can have with your pants on.

Introducing: Stoketoberfest

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