Feeling horny?

The Running Of The Bulls

€80 a night

Camping accommodation and Pamplona’s best parties

Party with us and use the promo code BREAD to get unlimited free piss at our party campsite

Come to Pamplona and cop a horn up ya corn

Does drowning yourself in sangria and then throwing yourself in front of half-tonne horned death machines sound like a good time to you? Of course it does! And doing the whole lot at Spain’s biggest street party, while staying at the biggest party campsite in Pamplona AND having the chance to see Juzzy and Cam shit their pants while hot-footing it out of there? Priceless!

Camping Accomodation

Bottomless Brunch

Open & Unlimited Beer, Wine & Sangria Bar

Welcome Party with Local Cheese & Wine

Transport to & from the Bull Run & Opening Ceremony

Festival Entry Tickets

Where we staying? What's the story?

We’ll be staying at the Stoke Travel campsite, outside of Pamplona, where you’ll sleep in twin-share tents (solo tent upgrades available), party whenever you’re not sleeping, abuse their open beer and sangria bar and get to know 1000s of absolute legends from Australia and around the world.

Stoke have been doing Pamplona’s biggest, best and wildest Bulls camps since 2008 and definitely know their way around a shit tent and a fucken good time. They’ve definitely got their priorities straight.

What's happening and when?


8:00 am: We’re open for business, turn up whenever you want (Stoke will be running free shuttle buses from Pamplona bus station)

8:00 am – pass out: Make the most of the campsite life. Pool parties, open beer and sangria bar, DJs and floating down the river on mattresses. Get into it.


8:00 am – 10:00 am:  Brunch is served, the bar is open. Time to trot.

10:00 am: Make your way to the buses and get your 1L of sangria for the party.

12:00 pm: The opening ceremony starts. Throw your sangria in someone’s face. Then we party in the streets.

6:00 pm – pass out: Campsite party, swim in the pool, DJs and bands, wine tasting, general carrying on.


5:30 am: It’s fucken early, but we’re going to get your dusty arse out of bed – the bulls don’t wait. Get on the bus, find a spot in the bull run, and try not to get kicked out for being too maggot.

8:00 am: The cannon fires and bulls start running and so should you, if you know what’s good for ya.

11:00 am – 9:00 pm: Back to camp for brunch, a siesta, and getting ready for the night.

9:00 pm: Back into town for the fireworks and the street party. You’ve never seen anything like it.


Today’s the same as yesterday, but you’ve got more confidence and will do better or worse with the bulls depending on how hammered/brave/stupid you are.

What's the festival all about?

The bulls are a part of it, but the bigger part is the street party, the tradition, the food and the drink. You’ll be crammed into streets with 100s of 1000s of people from Pamplona and around Spain and the world, dancing and drinking and having fun! Don’t worry that you don’t know what the plan is, just make sure that you’ve always got a drink in your hand and follow the guides – or fuck the guides and just get lost in the crowd!

What it'll look like