Sail Croatia with Stoke Afloat

7 nights/8days

Split to Dubrovnik or vice versa
Sailing from June-August

You don't have to be rich and famous to swan about the Mediterranean on a yacht

You just have to be a bit of a legend, that’s all. Our Croatian sailing trips go from Split to Dubrovnik or vice versa (when a trip ends in either city the next trip starts from there the next day), stopping at every island, cove, jump rock, swimming spot, port town and nightclub worth stopping at. The trips are always full of absolute weapons, our guides and crew are the most fun on the Adriatic Sea, and to top it all off we’ll be sailing on the only boats with open beer and sangria bar onboard (so you don’t get stung with a hectic bar charge at the end).

7 night/8day trip from Split to Dubrovnik or vice versa

Open and unlimited beer and sangria bar for €10/day

Bottomless brunch every day and 1 dinner included

Loose guides

Stopping at all the hottest spots along the way

What's the deal with our vessel?

We sail on the SS Maja which is a classic Croatian-style coastal cruiser. The cabins are twin-share and are air-conditioned, water is included and so is brunch every day. For the other meals, you’ll be off exploring. There are plenty of opportunities every day to jump off the side, have a snorkel, or just float your hangover away as we generally sail while you sleep. 

Your guide and barperson will be fellow travellers, and the captain and crew are all local Croatians, so someone will be able to help you get in and out of trouble as you want. As we mentioned, we have an onboard open beer and sangria bar for a small daily surcharge, and the bar will whip you up our famous Beergria if you ask nicely whilst sunning yourself on the deck

Life onboard is about as good as it gets. An equal share of really fucken nice, and absolutely off-its-head loose.

Trip Itinerary


(For Dubrovnik-Split just reverse this)

Check in at 11am, before the first voyage, you will get a welcome drink and a speech about the crew, ship rules and a general rundown of itinerary. The afternoon is yours to explore, whether it be the Diocletian Palace, which is 1700 years old, HNK Hajduk Split Stadium, the famous Marijan hill, from where you can see the whole town and island. Or just relax on your new floating home. A family welcome dinner in a local restaurant with low prices and large portions. The party starts onboard (enjoy that free booze) and moves to Charlie’s Backpacker’s Bar, before continuing to an open air club near the port.


We leave Split and head to Omis arriving early afternoon with ample time for exploring or adventuring, stopping for a swim along the way. If you’re up for it, the options are endless – ziplining across 8 cables up to 150m up, rafting down the river Cetina, kayaking through the canyon, the list goes on. That evening, we’ll grab some food from the supermarket and hike up to the old fortress for a sunset picnic. Rest up for the big night ahead in Makarska with a few casual cocktails on a rooftop bar before heading to bed.


We cruise to Makarska, with a swim stop along the way of course. Arriving mid afternoon there is time to throw yourself off some cliff, swim in the bay or even get your junk out at a nudist beach, whatever floats your boat. This night is reserved for partying – what else? – once our bar closes, we will head to a cheap cocktail bar for a boogie before heading to the famous Cave bar.






We arrive in Hvar for lunchtime, but it’s impossible to go to harbour till about 19:00. The boat will be anchored offshore at a relaxing swim location and we will take a taxi boat into town and head up to the Spanjola fortress for a beautiful view before heading down for some beach time or seaside cocktails. Later that night, we’ll head over to some of the best bars for welcome shots and a fire show, getting warmed up for the all night party at Carpe Diem, the famed techno club based on the island just in front of the harbor.


We’ll arrive in Korcula harbour around 3pm, giving us enough time to visit the disputed house of Marco Polo and explore old town or chill out on ships sun deck before perhaps heading to Bokar wine bar and taste local Croatian wines and have some cheese/meat/bread nibbles. We will head to our local croatian Peka dinner, after we will go to the best open-air night club Korcula has to offer! 

Mijet National Park

Early departure to one of the seven National parks in Croatia, the island of Mljet, with a swim stop along the way. We’ll take an afternoon to stroll along the lakes on the island, kayak, swim in the salt water lakes or even hire a scooter and venture to a hidden cave and grotto. Later we’ll drop the anchor offshore, have dinner on board and kick start our Pirate party! Tonight the party doesn’t stop until the last man goes to bed, blast that music, drink the bar dry and even jump in for a skinny dip!


Arrive in Dubrovnik around lunch time, so that you have all day to explore the old town and jump from the famous cliffs outside of the old city walls. The afternoon is your own, walk around the old town city walls or take a Game of Thrones tour. A farewell dinner with your new family at an awesome Mexican restaurant tonight and then go on to what is famed as one of the best disco bars in Croatia, the Culture Club, Revelin, situated in a fortress in the walls of old town.


It’s an early breakfast, and then unfortunately, it’s time to say goodbye until our next grand voyage together. You’ll disembark at 8:30am.

Sad, but happy, but also sad.

How about the trip itself?

If it’s worth doing in Croatia, we’re on it. National parks, wineries, cliff jumps, Soviet submarine hangers, Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar, clubs in caves, clubs on islands, clubs on clubs, historic forts, watersports, cocktails, sunsets, snorkeling, swimming, doing sweet fuck all, or doing it all. Whatever you want to do, it’s always going to be considerably nicer while sailing in Croatia.

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